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Meet Tahoe Ability Program's Ambassadors!

As staff, we share a love for supporting each of our participants unique and individualized goals. This dedication is frequently conveyed during conferences, workshops and community interactions. With our continued community growth we felt the importance of showcasing why our participants enjoy Tahoe Ability Program- and who better to represent than our participants themselves! We are honored to present Tahoe Ability Program’s first ever ambassadors- Erin and Jeffrey!

Erin is Tahoe Ability Program's social butterfly who can often be seen walking or using her electric tricycle around town. She is known for her exuberant personality and being a strong advocate for what she believes in. She makes the most out of every season in our beautiful region. She can be seen skiing in the winter, camping in the summer, utilizing adaptive hiking gear to conquer unpaved trails in the spring and fall, and overall maximizing her outdoor recreation opportunities. If you don't already know Erin, she is an unforgettable and simply an amazing lady! 

Jeffrey is full of knowledge all about the 80's. He loves researching his favorite music artists, movies and trends that were popular at this time and sharing with his peers. In addition to researching music, he also is an extremely talented at playing his favorites on the piano. Jeffrey has participated in weekly piano lessons for several years, and is always expanding his repertoire. He is known as Tahoe Ability Program's jokester, often playing funny pranks on staff and other participants, accompanied by the most infectious laugh we have ever heard. He enjoys puzzles, reading and writing activities and social lunch outings with friends. Jeffrey is one of the sweetest men you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  

Sharing what they have achieved, activities they most enjoy and what a day at TAP looks like for them will serve as an empowering relatable message for other individuals within our community. We are elated to have two wonderful advocates for our program and hope to inspire positive growth for all!

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