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Updated: Mar 4

Consider the number of times you utilize transportation in your daily life. From weekly grocery store trips, doctor visits, commuting to and from work; transportation within the community is regarded as one of the seven ADL's (Activities of Daily Living). However, for those individuals with limited mobility or inadequate access to public transit, navigating our mountain community can pose limitations. Tahoe Ability Program saw this need for community accessibility first hand and took action.

During the 2021 grant year, Tahoe Ability Program felt the promotion of independence through transportation for our participants was one aspect that could be greatly expanded upon. With the vast amount of paved trail systems within the area, as well as seeing one of our own participants utilize e-biking, we recognized the benefits a fleet of electric tricycles would have on our program.

We shared our need with like minded community members through grant applications, and were thrilled to see the positive responses from both Martis Camp Foundation and Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. Both organizations saw our vision to bring further advancement to our participants and propel the Truckee community in a positive direction.

As a local non profit we saw the importance of supporting other businesses within our immediate area. We reached out to Greg, the owner of our neighboring bike shop Cycle Paths, who provided insight and direction through our purchase of an electric tricycle fleet. He highlighted the importance of some of our concerns regarding stability, speed control and overall safety. His suggestions gave us piece of mind that we would receive a quality product that Tahoe Ability Program participants could use for years to come. Not long after, Greg and his team assembled and delivered three new electric tricycles to our office.

We anxiously awaited for the snow to melt from our local trails, and this spring we had the pleasure of trying our e-trikes for the first time! Participants first took to an open area to practice the mechanics of safely operating our new fleet. Staff taught the importance of wearing helmets, keeping a safe distance between others, effective braking, adjusting speed and much more.

To say they have been a hit is an understatement. Tahoe Ability Program participants now have the opportunity to reach parts of trails they may have never seen before. Having the means to safely navigate to a local grocery store for cooking class, reach social lunch outings without the need for public transit, or just to explore the beautiful community we live in has opened a world of opportunity for our participants. Tahoe Ability Program is immensely grateful to our community members that made this dream a reality.

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