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Tahoe Ability Program prides itself on being a community integration program; helping participants truly be a part of the community. While we do this through our volunteer work, in person social interactions and outings, we look to our social media platforms to share with our broader community what Tahoe Ability Program does on a regular basis. From the beginning we have been active members of the Facebook community, showcasing the day to day activities that our participants know and love. This has become a wonderful way for friends, family and community supporters alike to virtually interact and share in our participant's lives. As Tahoe Ability Program's social presence grew to Instagram and Tik Tok we started to see a spark of interest in some of our participants. As active members of social media themselves, they began teaching us new techniques for various posts. The more interest we saw, the more we encouraged them to be active members of the Tahoe Ability Program social pages.

Today, Tahoe Ability Program has added in a social media class to our weekly schedule. Not only does this allow participants the ability interact safely with friends and family online with the aid of a TAP staff member, it also has become a creative outlet for them!

If you do not already follow our social pages (Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok) please consider giving us an add. It is as easy as clicking the social logo icons above!

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